This blog is coming soon, pending lay-out and final drafts of first essays. Watch this space!
In the meantime, here are some Fun Facts!

Who is Cuppy van der Cake?

Cuppy van der Cake is the superhero alter-ego of a “young urban professional” operating out of a top-secret base in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She owns and wears a pair of sensible pumps, but can actually run at a reasonable pace in them. She also owns many books, ranging in topic from science fiction to pretentious literature to assorted varieties of non-fiction. She has a tattoo on her left foot.

What’s this about snarking?

Touchy-feely overly PC analysis is not what will be happening here. There is a difference between being conscientious and being sensitive to the point of being stupid (like the old adage of being open-minded, but not so much that one’s brain falls out). This blog will aim for conscientious, but will most likely land in “mildly offensive.” Cuppy van der Cake, on top of being the things listed above, is also kind of rude. The blog is called “Bitches Get Stuff Done” for a reason.

But does she get stuff done?

Oh hell yes! The occasional thing that has been gotten done might even get mentioned here now and again. Gasp!

Presidential candidate?

Good question! The crazy ridiculous Democratic primary snafu will be one of the first issues covered by this blog, actually. However, Cuppy has supported Obama for a while now. Details to come.

…Vegetarian cooking? What?

Politics and pop culture are sometimes too serious and/or depressing. Everyone needs to lighten up a little now and again, and food is arguably one of the best things in the world. Eating is awesome.

Recommended reads?

The New York Times

Will there be a way better “about” page?

Yes, sweet pea, there will be.


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