Marriage: it’s got nothing to do with politics. Right? RIGHT?!

All I want to know is what the fuck does whether or not you want to marry a woman have to do with a political debate on national TV? Is that really the best possible rebuttal a guy can come up with when a woman disagrees with him? “Well, with that kind of spunk and political awareness, you are not marriage material. Women who talk back are no good. Please to be getting back in kitchen nao kthxbai.”

Seriously, are we still in a mentality where that’s a reasonable thing to bring into a discussion of politics on national TV? Good god.

Just once, I want two men to be debating and have one of the guys say, “I am so damn glad you could never be my husband, because I wouldn’t want to listen to that kind of prattle all day.”

I would LOVE to see the reactions that would get. “What? Why on earth would anyone mention marriage in that context? It’s completely unrelated! How utterly inappropriate!”

Yeah, exactly.

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