What I’m Reading

I’m currently hard at work on trying to read through everything on my “to read” shelf. This means I’ve recently cruised through some excellent sci-fi (Altered Carbon by Richard K. Morgan and Foundation by Isaac Asimov) as well as started making a big dent in my non-fiction, specifically my academic pursuits. Here’s what I’m reading right now:

Sex and War, Malcolm Potts & Thomas Hayden
Against Our Will, Susan Brownmiller. A great classic that I have never read.
Transforming a Rape Culture, Buchwald, Fletcher, Roth (eds). I have read almost every essay in this book, and I have found one or two egregious oversights. This will be covered in my upcoming post on the military and sexual violence.
Sexual Politics, Kate Millett. I say “the personal is political” all the damn time, and yet I’ve never actually read this book. I’m well into it now, though, and loving it.
Feminist Perspectives on Social Research, Hesse-Biber & Yaiser. I read a few excerpts from this for a class in college; it seemed time to really get a grasp on it, as I enter the world of social research.

I’ve also been aggressively pursuing journal articles in assorted databases; having access to academic databases is one of the most enjoyable parts of my job. If you can get access to academic databases, either through being a student, working at a school, or having a friend who has access, I cannot stress enough how much you can gain from utilizing them. You can simply search databases on keywords that interest you and you will come up with enormous amounts of knowledge. Read the abstracts to cull through to the articles that are most worthwhile, but this is seriously a goldmine of opportunity to expand the depth and breadth of your knowledge and lend weight to any argument you might make through having sources to cite. I never get tired of perusing scholarly articles; there is always something more out there to learn!

I’ve also recently started keyword searching the NPR archives and coming up with some fascinating material. A lot of this will come into some coming posts, particularly the one about the military and sexual violence.

Information is everywhere! Let’s break free of Wikipedia and he-said-she-said; let’s take the dialog to the next level–and fucking change the world.


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