Happy Friday!

I think it’s important to end the week on a positive note. I woke up early and went to the gym this morning, where I layed some serious smackdown on the treadmill, which always gets me pumped for the day. Add to that the delicious bananas I picked up at my local co-op and have been enjoying for breakfast lately, and I’m in a great goddamn mood. So here’s some stuff to make you smile, in case you don’t have a tasty soy mocha on your desk:

Today’s Questionable Content strip! I’ve been a fan of QC for years, and Faye is one of my favorite characters. This story arc that they’re launching into looks like it’s going to be freaking hilarious and fantastic, and just really follows up so nicely on the heels of my post about feminist sex shops. Also, you better believe that next time I visit Northampton I’ll be making a trip to Oh My!, the shop this strip is based on–somehow I never managed to get out there while I was a 5-Colleges student. Crazy, right?

This amazing section from the Rachel Maddow show. It’s a known and noted fact that I have a raging crush on Maddow–how can you not?–but this segment had me literally LOLing in the office this morning.

-Feminist men! They’re out there, and some of them are compiling lists of feminist icons. This particular list was great, including people I hadn’t heard of or wouldn’t have thought of, which makes it refreshing and interesting.

-Chick rock bands! It’s the music that drives me through my early morning workouts, my sunny afternoon drives, and really just my life in general. While we’re all familiar with the classics like Bikini Kill, Sleater-Kinney, and Le Tigre (be still my heart), I want to pimp out a couple of my other favorite bands that are chick bands or chick-fronted and just generally kick ass: the Dollyrots, the Blow, Lemuria, Zolof the Rock & Roll Destroyer, Yelle, and the Distillers. There’s tons of other amazing–and very feminist–women in music out there. This is just a quick selection to get you launched into Friday with some rocking out.

Tonight, I’m off to play lazer tag for charity! May your weekend be thrilling and rewarding as well. And if you have a moment and a couple dollars, think about contributing to the NYAAF fundraiser. The goodness from that will spread into the rest of your weekend, guaranteed.


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