You Got Me So Crazy In Love

Here’s the thing: there’s eight bajillion reasons to be angry after the Superbowl. Feminism aside, it’s a pretty stupid concept on its own. When I tell people that I didn’t watch the game, they are aghast. Sometimes because they can’t understand my disinterest in football, but the overwhelming source of aghastness is rooted in the fact that I can somehow continue through life without watching the commercials. Are we really at such a consumption-centric place in our culture that we should dedicate hours of our lives to watching commercials as a feature? (Obviously yes, based on what each minute airtime block sells for.) And then, consumerism aside and feminism back in the spotlight, as I understand it, the commercials are almost always disgustingly misogynistic and unenjoyable. So, honestly, while I understand the whole “know your enemy” thing, I just can’t bring myself to be one more drone in the ratings surge for something that I find so wholly unappealing. Instead, I played boardgames and ate cupcakes. It worked out for me. (And yes, I do consider electing to ignore the Superbowl and the related kerfuffle to fall under the “everyday acts of feminism” category that I’ve mentioned before; sometimes not even being involved at all can count as rebellion in my mind.)

The nice thing, though, is that the Saints won. I still don’t actually know the rules of football, so my enthusiasm for the Saints is based around one and only one thing: linebacker Scott Fujita. Just as soon as I can figure out a feminist alternative to throwing my panties at him and offering to have his babies, I’ll be up on that. I’ve sang the praises of feminist men before, and although Fujita doesn’t declare himself feminist, I’m putting him in that camp because he is flagrantly awesome. (Besides, as an education student myself, I’m swooning about his ed degree and plans to teach.) The fact that he has brought politics into football–a field that is notorious for its violence, homophobia, sexism, etc–and is trying to find opportunities to speak up for his beliefs… That’s just great.

So, as if I wasn’t already in such a glorious mood, I saw the most wonderful bit of graffiti while walking home through Allston tonight:

Allston Graffiti!

It’s crappy cameraphone photography, and for that I apologize. But there’s something wonderful about seeing that someone has scrawled “fuck objectification. fuck this business of using female bodies to sell shit” on an American Apparel ad.

Sure, it’d be nice if American Apparel ads didn’t exist. But seeing graffiti like that is heartening–other people are angry. I’m not alone. Rock on, Allston street artist!


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