The Public Art Project

I love my city. I’ve lived in Boston for about two and a half years now, and although I grew up elsewhere and have lived in several other places, I think of Boston as home. However, I’m far from blind to the failings of my city (in an acronym, MBTA!) or my neighborhood (Allston). I’m all about people interfacing with their worlds and challenging their surroundings. I’ve been lucky enough to know some really interesting, really creative people who have helped me come up with ways to interact with the world.

One of my personal favorites is what have been dubbed “memebomb stickers.” Take your average sheet of 5160 format return address labels, then print them up with whatever inspires you. Carry them on your person and stick them places. I usually have a folder in my purse with several sheets of them, so I format my sticker sheets around having an entire sheet of my favorites so that I don’t have to refill as often in order to always have my go-to stickers on hand.

My newest favorite go-to sticker is the public art sticker. I saw the above graffiti in the Park Street red line station ages ago and snapped a quick cellphone picture because it just delighted me so much. After bouncing some ideas around with friends, the public art sticker was born. Use it jokingly–in public restrooms, on trash cans, etc–or use it in all seriousness when you see some graffiti or something awesome that is probably escaping the notice of most people.

I have a couple other sheets that I like to carry, but the public art is my current favorite. I like the idea of reframing how we look at surroundings, both seriously and tongue in cheek. If nothing else, it keeps me entertained on my commute!


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