Go Ahead And Rage!

I had a couple things in mind that I wanted to post about today, but I’ve been being really busy at work instead (crazy, right?). So instead of writing anything super exciting, I’m going to post up some links that I think are totally worth taking a look at:

  • The BARCC blog today has a great entry on rape. In summary: no one is ever asking for it, and there’s never any valid excuse. I’ve been a huge fan of BARCC for a long time, and the blog that they just recently launched has been pretty much non-stop awesome. (If you too are a fan of BARCC, consider sponsoring me in the 2010 Walk for Change!)
  • The Sexist has been compiling a list of songs that celebrate sexual violence. Unsurprisingly, that isn’t hard. Today, however, Nada Surf was added with an anti-rape song. As a long-time listener to Nada Surf (The Weight Is A Gift carried me through early college), I was pretty thrilled at this one. Check it out!
  • Pervocracy, one of my newest blog-crushes, does a special feature on a fear-mongering Cosmo article on rape. For real, people, can we get over the idea that women can somehow avoid being raped by following special steps? Not getting raped is not the same as solving for x. Believe it or not, the quadratic equation doesn’t work here. So please stop fostering fear and victim-blaming. Bonus: Holly is hilarious and brilliant, unlike anyone ever at Cosmo.
  • And although this is unrelated to today’s theme of rape, Sociological Images recently had a rather creepy article about the reception of an accidental pregnancy by men and women aged 18-29. Men are WAY MORE okay with a surprise bun in the oven than the ladies. Buddy that up with Jezebel‘s article on male issues with condom use (awww, poor widdle penis is too shy to use condoms that fit right!) and honestly, I’m about to ready to swear off sex. Way to make a stereotypical feminist of me, statistics. I hope you’re happy now.

Anyways, let’s end the day with another anti-rape song from The Sexist’s great collection:


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