A Brief Note

I really enjoy fashion, particularly from the standpoint of making my own. However, there are things I can’t make myself–shoes, purses, etc. Some things, like leggings, are easier and sometimes even cheaper to just buy.

But COME THE FUCK ON, people! Who the hell is writing your advertising copy?

The next time I have to read about the buckle on a purse being “sassy,” I will snap.

The buckle is sassy? Really? I find that hard to believe.

How is the trim on that pair of shoes sassy?

Why is sassy the new favorite word of fashion marketing?

I want to buy a plucky purse. Or perhaps anti-authoritarian shoes. Or shit-kicking leggings.

Truly, I have long hated the word “sassy,” and applying it to inanimate objects (or not even the objects themselves, but objects affixed to said objects) is just downright ridiculous and infuriating.

In other news, I would like men to start wearing sassy jeans or perhaps sassy neckties. Seriously. Doesn’t that sound ridiculous? Yes.

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