In Which I Answer The Internet’s Burning Question

Fine people of the internet, it has been a busy day. I haven’t gone grocery shopping in a month (a month!) nor have I been going to the gym or keeping my apartment terribly clean. Today I went running (it was embarrassing, to say the least), tidied my apartment, went to Trader Joe’s, and bought the next volume of Empowered (best comic book EVAR you are hereby commanded to read it NOW NOW NOW) and visited with friends. So I am kicking back with a glass of wine and my hot pink knee socks with the mustaches on them and a comfy nightie and I am finally working on my fiction writing.

By which I mean I am browsing the internet while I try to work up the courage/brains/blood alcohol content to get to that writing part.

Seen on Facebook: “______ likes ‘Why are women like parking spaces?'”

And so, because I think it is important that the tubes have this question answered, I am going to go ahead and answer it for you, oh interwebs of my heart.

Women are like parking spaces because:

  • Enormously useful!
  • Your ridiculously over-sized SUV-ego cannot be accommodated by many
  • No matter how many times you get in one, it’s still satisfying every time
  • No matter how many other people have been in one, it still works exactly the same
  • Some people are stupid enough to get into fistfights about them
  • Not everyone can handle some of the more complex maneuvers required to get into some of them, but learning tricks like parallel parking can broaden your horizons and bring all kinds of satisfaction to your life
  • If you try to mark one as “yours” for when you aren’t around, you will be laughed at, and possibly face legal consequences
  • Of course, you can enter into a binding legal contract with a parking space, but that usually costs money and requires a notary public

Okay, I think that’s enough. Anyways, I didn’t bother to click on the group to find out why women are REALLY like parking spaces, but I can almost guarantee that my answers are better.


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