Child’s Play

Guys, I have a serious post I really want to post. I really, really do. I’ve got a lot of stuff bundled up in my head but I need the time and energy to write it down. I had to work yesterday–even earlier than usual–so I’m currently exhausted and now have a ton of things to take care of in the office today. So, here’s a thing:

The above is from Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal (click image for link).

It beautifully sums up what I was saying the other day about the messages girls are given and why we don’t end up in engineering/math/science. Girls are given play houses and pretend washing machines and dishwashers and babies. Boys get to blow shit up! I wish that was closer to hyperbole than reality.

Anyways, hopefully either later today or, more likely, tomorrow I will write up what’s been brewing in my mind, which is largely about the danger of -isms and identity. It’ll be fun!


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