The Missing Woman

Cuppy van der Cake, and the case of the missing female protagonist, today on the internet!

I know, it’s the weekend, and I don’t usually post on the weekend, but I’ve got a head covered in bleach and a kitchen full of experimental vegan muffin makings that I am procrastinating on actually assembling. This’ll be a quickie, though.

I’ve started watching a lot of anime lately, getting caught up on all this culture stuff I’ve been missing, and I really gotta know… where the hell are all the ladies? Don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty of women in anime. They happen left and right. But where are the women who aren’t fingernails-on-a-chalkboard style stereotypes and tropes? They make me want to carve my brains out (don’t even get me started on Julia in Cowboy Bebop). Where are the female protagonists that aren’t the worst of all stereotypes?

Also, with all the extreme power at my fingertips, I’d just like to say that using a celebrity’s first-letter-of-first-name and first-syllable-of-last-name nickname thing really needs to end. Long, long ago. J.Lo can keep it cause she started it, but really… Put down the cutesy nicknames, world. It’s gone on long enough.


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  1. Tasty replied:

    Seriously, anime is pretty bad with this. I mean, maybe Evangelion? The characters there are really annoying too, but EVERY character in Evangelion is fucked up and broken, so at least the gender breakdown is better.

    • Cuppy van der Cake replied:

      Heh, I tend to find equal opportunity jackassery to be fine, because honestly, I find most humans to be obnoxious. I only get irritated with it when the women are such flagrantly 2-dimensional cliches, and the dudes aren’t portrayed nearly as badly. I don’t mind hating a female character when I’m given a good reason to hate her, same with male characters. I just find that I want to strangle all these characters because they are so utterly vapid. Makes me kinda proud that The Last Airbender is American, y’know? Turns out we can write some pretty kickass ladies after all!

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