Reshape Your Reality–Fight Back Against BP!

So here’s an awesome article on nine ways you can stand up against BP. A lot of them should be easy, particularly for those of you in the Boston area or similarly shaped areas (IE easy access to locally grown food, great bike infrastructure and passable public transit, etc).

The hardest, in my mind, is the “use less plastic” one.

I’ve started really inventorying my plastic usage since the spill, because that was the biggest thought for me. I’ve always tried to minimize how much I use my car, I eat vegetarian, I love buying local and organic, etc (and, as I said, it’s pretty easy to do these things in my area, so I had some assistance). The list gets really long–my frozen veggies and my bread come in plastic baggies. The vitamin water I drank this morning was in a plastic jar. My cosmetics are in plastic containers. The power adapter I bought for my laptop the other day came shrouded in several tiers of plastic bubble (I literally had to get out a knife to get into it because scissors weren’t cutting it, no pun intended). When I make a supply order for my office, everything comes shrouded in plastic and floating in a GIANT box full of inflated plastic air bubbles, no matter how small of an order we placed (seriously, who packs these boxes?).

So here’s my suggestions on how to cut back:

  • Obviously, recycle. There’s lots of plastic we can’t avoid, so be sure to recycle it. Also, recycle your glass, cardboard, and paper while you’re at it. Oil isn’t the only resource we should be thinking about responsibly.
  • Try to avoid heavily plasticized products. IE if you have the opportunity to buy something in less plastic, or even ideally non-plastic, packaging, go for it. I’ve been a big fan of Lush cosmetics for a long time (fair labor practices, a large assortment of vegan products) but I found out that they recycle their packaging, so if you bring it five empty containers, you get a free face mask. What a fun way to promote recycling!
  • Order less off the internet. I love internet shopping, but let’s be real–there’s the packaging, the shipping, etc–so it gets wasteful. Besides, we should support local jobs in our communities!

This is only a start. I know there should be more, but this is what I’ve come up with.

Back in my first ever class on feminism, at the tender young age of eighteen, my professor explained to us the relationship between environmentalism and feminism. While I’m still not sure that I’m jiving with the crunchy cuddly idea that the Earth is symbolically female and thus when we rape the planet we are symbolically raping all women (meh), I DO comprehend the idea that respect for life, understanding that we aren’t entitled to every goddamn thing we want, and valuing sustainability and personal responsibility does reflect how we treat one another as humans, which is feminist. Call it cheesy, but I think it’s true. If nothing else, if you have any intention whatsoever of ever having kids or knowing someone with kids or loving an animal with a really long lifespan, you should care about the faith of the planet.

The option of emigrating to Mars is looking less and less likely, so I guess it’s time to shape up down here, amirite?


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