Fun Times in Bostonland!

Hot on the heels of my last post and potentially directly in contradiction to it…

Tonight! 6PM! Lir Pub on Boylston St!

Boston NOMAS (National Organization of Men Against Sexism) will be hosting a panel/discussion on Dating While Feminist. It is being organized in part by the rad Dave of the BARCC blog, and will include such awesome speakers as his co-BARCC-blogger Shira, Jaclyn Friedman of Yes Means Yes! fame (amongst other fames), and Holly of Pervocracy!

I’ll be there, trying to convince people to eat leftover vegan nutella brownie bites from the massive batch I made last night to give to my students on my last day of field placement today and regenerating my will to live via beer consumption.

On that note, my field placement ended today. Although I still have plenty of academic work for the remainder of the session, I expect to be able to get back into a more regular posting pattern again. It won’t be back to 5 days a week for a while, I imagine, but I’ll keep striving to get back there. My last day at my office is August 20th, so although I’m in a mad rush to get all kinds of loose ends tied off, I’m also able to pass more and more work off to my assistant, who will most likely be stepping into my position when I leave. So, more workday blogging. Neato!

Anyways, hooray beer, hooray dating while feminist, and hooray brownies. Hooray today!

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