I return!

…Not that I think anyone is reading this thing. But nonetheless.

It’s been a long, silent three years, hasn’t it? I wish I had kept up with posting–I had intended to post several days a week during my lunch break while I was teaching, hoping to use it the practice both to be reflective of my teaching and growth as a teacher, and as a bit of stress relief. In later years, I would have liked to have become a blog where teachers could go to discover resources and/or get inspired.

That failed, clearly.

So now here I am in graduate school, getting ready to add another couple letters of alphabet soup to my Social Justice Warrior certification list. Once again, I’m hoping to post regularly to use this as a place to reflect on my growth and process the learning I’m doing, but also to hopefully have some good dialogue about education, policy, teaching, and learning.

I know that to many teachers–oftentimes myself included–the idea of leaving the classroom is tantamount to giving up or selling out, and policy people/researchers are the WORST. So I guess I’m kind of joining the enemy. However, I believe that SOMEONE has to do the dirty work so that the talented teachers can do what they do with the least amount of interference. I far prefer that the person doing the dirty work is someone with experience in the classroom and not just some MBA who thinks they understand schools because they can perform a cost-benefit analysis, so goodbye free breakfasts for students!

I’m hoping to post three times a week, but I’m committing myself to at least once a week. Although education will be the focus, this will continue to be the jack of all trades blog it has always aspired to be.

Later this week: why I left teaching. I know a million ex-teachers have posted their thoughts, but dammit, now it’s my turn.

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  1. hackwater replied:

    You have at least *one* reader (hooray for RSS!)

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