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What is this place?

As Tina Fey once said, “Bitches get stuff done!”

(And NBC.com/WordPress won’t let me embed the video, so FUCK IT… Here’s a link to it on Jezebel.)

So I’m going ahead and getting stuff done, or at least getting stuff ranted about. I’m letting this be about whatever I really want. Originally, the emphasis was going to be on feminism, but as life has changed, I have found my focus moving a little. I’ve spent the last several years teaching English in an under-served urban school district, and as of fall of 2014, I am now pursuing a graduate degree in education policy and organizational behavior. Feminism is still a passion of mine, but education is what’s on my mind even more. A lot of these posts will be regular thoughts and reflections on education, teaching practice, and education policy, as well as social justice. However, what I reflect on is going to vary widely sometimes, from feminism in politics to pop culture to current events to literature tto the aggravation of finding that perfect pair of boots or the best lipstick (and then reconciling those things with feminism).

All this will be lightly peppered with other social justice issues and reflections, and sometimes just a bit of cooking or geeking out. We all need to kick back with a beer, both literally and figuratively, now and again. So stick around, I’ve got some beer in the fridge.

Why did you start this stupid thing?

I already have a personal Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram thing going on. However, the majority of my friends really don’t want to read my teacher rantings or my feminist rantings, and I can respect that. Honestly, I’d rather talk to people I know face to face about this kind of thing, because interactive dialogs are ALWAYS better than internet dialogs. But since I still like to rant and vent, and I have delusions of someday contributing to the education and feminist dialogs/movements as a whole, I have subjected you, oh interwebs, to my opinions.

Wait, who the fuck are you?

I am literate, but not in Dothraki.

I am literate, but not in Dothraki.

Good question, my young grasshopper. I am Cuppy van der Cake–feminist, geek, lush, and foodie. I live in San Francisco, after spending most of my adult life in Boston.

I am a graduate student in Stanford, CA, fresh from several years of teaching in Oakland, CA. I student taught in the Boston Public Schools while completing a masters in secondary English education, and I expected that Oakland would be comparable. I was wrong, and found myself overwhelmed and frustrated by a job that had previously been something that I loved. It was a challenge and a learning experience.

I have a BA in comparative literature, an MA in teaching English, a whole lot of tattoos, and a bicycle. I enjoy reading, board games, crafting, pillow forts, and baking desserts. I have too much geeky know-how, and a bad habit for thinking I can save the world. Impressive book collections, creative cooking, a fondness for sci-fi, and safe sex practices make me hot.

So how did you get started on feminism anyways?

Just the other day, I was thinking about that. I thought I really started to become a feminist in senior year of high school, and I was trying to figure out if it was because of my feminist AP English teacher, or backlash to the boy I was dating. Then it dawned on me that I was a feminist all the way back in elementary school, when I felt a gut reaction of distaste for how Miss Piggy was portrayed on the Muppets. I guess my latent feminism was there all along! (Awwww, how cute!)

Interestingly, that AP English teacher was a large contributor to what got me started on education, too. I had some amazing teacher in high school–despite being a really difficult student–and when I hit college and discovered my passion for learning, I realized that it had been started by my teachers. I love learning, I am deeply in love with literature, particularly as a socio-cultural object, and I loved bringing those things into my classroom and curricula. After experiencing frustration and burnout, I am now trying to research how to retain and support passionate teachers so that those who are better than I will not suffer the same fate as I.

What do you fear, my lady?

A cage. To stay behind bars until use and old age accept them and all chance of valor has gone beyond recall or desire.



  1. Jennifer Block replied:

    Hi there, I’m a feminist health journalist and just came across your rant about the Pill. I’ve got one book out (Pushed, an expose on maternity care) and I’m working on another about the medicalization of women’s bodies in general. I’d love to talk to you more about your ideas about hormonal birth control. You say you prefer meeting in person (and martinis). I’ll be in Boston early next month–would you want to meet for a drink? email directly here: writingblock@gmail.com. Thanks, Jennifer

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