Stop Happiness Whenever Possible

There’ll be a full-on post later today, but right now I have important things to do, so here’s a quickie…

The gays are SO SCARY that we need to CANCEL PROM lest a girl bring a girl as her date. Heaven forbid one of them wear a tux!


Sometimes I forget how lucky I was to live where I did. I brought a girl to the junior prom and no one even batted an eye (admittedly, I was already the punk-rockin’ rebel, so I guess they figured “let social outcasts be social outcasts” or something). Which does raise the question–which do you think would be “better” for this lesbian couple: to be allowed at the prom and be completely shunned by everyone, or to have prom canceled?

I want to hope that the cancellation of the prom will lead to students rising up in support of their lesbian classmate (and any others who may not be out) because they are so outraged at this ridiculous treatment. I fear that it may lead to them lashing out against her as they will perceive it as her “fault” that they can’t have prom. And that, my friends, is fucked up.

Remember a bunch of years back when someone joked that if gay marriage is going to be made illegal then all marriage should be made illegal? I didn’t actually think anyone would follow through on that kind of thinking. Oh humanity. Stop making me sad, please.

P.S. On the plus side, this has spawned a new tag. Joining the hall of fame of favorites like “magic vaginas,” we now have “the gay agenda.” Can I get a what what.


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